Encompass Africa sends a huge shout out and special thanks to its many partners in Africa, guests and staff for sharing fantastic photographs and videos for use on the website. All rights are reserved to the owners of the photographs under international copyright law and Encompass Africa wishes to acknowledge everyone herein. Images have been used for the purpose of promoting Africa as a holiday destination and enriching the information about Africa and safari holidays on this website.


Partners on the Ground

We work closely with our partners in Africa to provide seamless safari experiences. Throughout the site, the many photographs and videos are produced by these wonderful people. To list each and every company would mean pages and pages of copy that nobody would ever take the time to read.

Instead, we wish to acknowledge you all – you know who you are and we look forward to working together so more of our guests can enjoy the beauty of Africa and your piece of paradise.


Guests of Encompass Africa

We are very privileged to have outstanding guests who enjoy their travels and taking photographs along the way.  Throughout the website, you will see photographs of guests and others taken by guests. The new website does not allow individual photo credits so again to each and every guest who has kindly shared photographs of their Africa safari adventure, thank you. May you enjoy reliving the memories and spread the word of Africa’s profound magic and beauty.

We would like to thank in particular Sarah Zito for her outstanding images seen on the site of Cape Town, Botswana, Namibia and Uganda. We hope to soon load your photos of Madagascar after your Madagascar holiday in July this year!

If you find one of your images on the website and would like extra mention, please let us know and we will happily list you here because without your beautiful photographs, we would not be able to promote Africa as an outstanding safari holiday destination to others.


Encompass Africa Team

To our very own team who go each year on trips to Africa as educationals and return with literally thousands of images, thank you. May you enjoy seeing your images on the website and we look forward to more great shots from all over Africa as you continue your travels and adventure safaris in Africa with us. This includes you Gail Hughes, Devon Macrae, Laura Macrae, Bronwen Dearham, Danica and Jonathon Wilson.  Gail is off to Zambia in June 2015 and the Wilsons will explore northern Kwa Zulu Natal in May so stay tuned for more great photos.